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Zero Waste Patterns - Birgitta Helmersson


Zero waste pattern cutting is a bit like a puzzle. You use a pre-determined length of fabric end to end by strategically planning your pattern pieces so that everything is used and then draw them onto the fabric. By using this unique "paperless" method you can eliminate both textile and paper waste from your sewing projects and take the fear out of learning to self draft and sew your own clothing.

This book includes 5 simple zero waste pattern blocks—a t-shirt, skirt, tank top, shirt, and trousers. These can then be used to make a further 15 projects by making simple changes or mixing and matching your blocks into new designs, and comes with pattern layout instructions and templates to make sizes UK 6-30/US 2-26.

Once you have mastered the 5 blocks the possibilities are endless.

About the Author:

Birgitta Helmersson is a designer and pattern-maker based in Malmö, Sweden. She runs a studio/store with partner, in life and love, Sam Grose, where they develop and manufacture 2 labels in-house – self titled label 'Birgitta Helmersson', garments made exclusively using zero waste pattern cutting, and 'Helgrose', unisex clothing made using vintage and naturally dyed textiles. Both labels embody a zero waste


192 Pages

Published April 2023