Wildlife Garden


Inspired by their beautiful surroundings at the Bjäre peninsula in the south of Sweden with small red cottages, meadows, fields and a large biological variety, the idea behind Wildlife Garden born, creating these gorgeous nesting boxes & bird feeders.

The Multiholk cottage is both a birdhouse and platform feeder that is easily converted after the season. In the spring, the cottage functions as accommodation for breeding small birds. For the autumn, it can be converted in a few easy steps into a feeder for birds in the garden.

As a nest box, the Multiholk is adapted for sparrows and titmice. It is developed in collaboration with ornithological expertise and possesses key details, such as climbing notches up to the exit hole, a vital detail for chicks to get up to test their wings.

When you feed the birds, it is important that you take into consideration that the birds should not be able to sit in the food. Diseases spread easily on an open platform feeder. Therefore, all our bird feeders are closed, so that the seeds are kept clean of droppings. In the Multiholk food is well protected from pollution, rain and snow and the birds sit on perches and eat. Perches can be pushed in so that only small birds can sit down.