Kauniste Finland

We discovered Kauniste on a trip to Finland in 2016 and quickly realised the connection between our store and this lovely Finnish textile company.

Kauniste was created by uniting the talents of young Scandinavian designers and craftsmen. In autumn of 2009, the first collection of screen printed kitchen towels was launched at the Helsinki Design Market. The original idea behind the collection was to combine young illustrators' art prints into an everyday useful item. This is still the aim today : to combine illustrators' original design works with items to use and cherish in your home.

Kauniste works closely with talented up-and-coming designers & award winning illustrators and artists who paint, draw and cut from paper wonderful patterns.

'We want both our patterns and products to last and keep bringing joy to your home past seasonal trends.'

All Kauniste textiles are made in Europe from spinning of the yarns to printing and sewing of the final product. Kauniste signature fabric is a mixture of linen and cotton. Cotton makes the fabrics easy to care for, while linen is a strong and lint free fiber. It gives the textiles a beautiful, light shimmer. 

The fabric production follows the Oeko-tex standards to make sure the textiles contain no harmful chemicals to human skin. As the fabrics are woven, printed and sewn in Europe, we can rest assured that the production process follows ethical standards.