Tove Jansson

Tove Jansson 9.8.1914 - 27.6.2001

Tove Jansson is, without question, one of Finland's greatest artists and authors, and very much loved here at Pappa Sven.

Tove Jansson is best known as the creator of the Moomins, however she has also written numerous wonderful novels & short stories for adults too.

Tove’s family and the home they lived in played a key role in her career. Family members trusted and supported each other in every way. Having the childhood home full of art and artists who were facing the compromises of daily life had a massive impact on Tove’s philosophy as an artist.

In the beginning of 1960 Tove and her partner Tuulikki Pietilä found a perfect island Klovharu in the Pellinki archipelago. They built a small summer house where they spent over 30 summers together. For Tove, islands were the symbols of freedom.

We hope you love this collection from Tove Jansson as much as we do!