Bergs Potter

In 2016, on a visit to Finland, I visited my very favourite store in Helsinki where I bought 2 gorgeous terracotta pots from Bergs Potter's. I had them in the store for a while, except everyone wanted to buy them, so I moved them into our accommodation ...

So now it is just so exciting to have some of our favourite Bergs Potter designs right here in our store.

We have chosen our 3 favourite and appropriately named designs

Helena (of course), Elizabeth (as this is also my name) and Copenhagen ...

About Bergs Potters

During one of the bleakest periods of World War II, Victor Berg inherited a ceramics shop on Rantzausgade in the Nørrebro neighborhood of Copenhagen. Victor, an eager young accountant, wanted to bring a bit of life and color into the war-depressed lives of his fellow Copenhageners. He decided the best way to do so would be to add flowers to the shop. The unique combination of fresh flowers and aged ceramics soon made the store a popular place to visit and shop.