Skärgårdstvål Handmade Soap - Seabuckthorn (Havtorn)


The perfect soap (tvål) for anyone that loves boats, the ocean and the great outdoors.

I just wish we could share the smell of this soap with you through the online store. It is just divine and oh so Swedish!

Handmade in Sweden, specifically for taking to your summer house or while boating on the archipelago :) and is known as the ‘Archipelago’ soap. The cork ensures it will float and the natural hemp rope makes a handy loop to hang it up in the shower or on your boat.

Skärgårdstvål is made from all natural ingredients, including organic oatmeal, essential oils and genuine organic Sea Buckthorn oil. Seabuckthorn oil is rich in essential oils, antioxidants and vitamins. This is what gives the soap a wonderful scent and a golden colour.

Sea Buckthorn is well known for its beneficial and calming effect on sensitive skin. This soap has a calming effect on dry and irritated skin.

Packaged in environmentally friendly paper.