Skandinavisk Fjall Scented Candle


Have you heard of the Swedish word "allemansrätten". It translates directly to English as "Every Mans Right" and it means that in Sweden every person has the right to access, walk, cycle, ride, ski, and camp on any land. We love that!

Skandinavisk's Fjäll scented candle was inspired by Nordic every-mans-rights: the candle takes you to the rough, exposed terrain in the higher fells of Sweden and Norway. The scent features notes of heather, thyme, ground berries and leaf sap. 

Skandinavisk’s scented candles feature unique fragrances inspired by the nature, seasons, cities and traditions of Scandinavia. The hand-poured candle comes in an attractive, dishwasher-proof glass votive which can be re-used a glass jar or tealight holder. The candle wax is made from sustainably sourced, non-GMO rapeseed oil and blended to burn slowly and evenly with no harmful emissions. Skandinavisk’s scented candles are lovely decorative items and a delight for many senses.

Available in 2 sizes

200g / 50 hours burn time

65g / 20 hours burn time