Come to Finland

Sisu Since 1917 by Mareike Mosch Poster 50 x 70cm


Each year, Come to Finland, hold a poster competition. This is the winning poster in 2017, designed by German illustrator Mareike Mosch

The artist presents her art work:

I learnt about Sisu before I ever set foot into Finland and it kind of stuck with me. Although I find it impossible to put Sisu into one picture, a Finn relaxing in a frozen lake at least scratches the surface of how I see Finland. Calm and strong, however cold and ex-treme it gets.

Plus, I love winters in Lapland, snow, polar lights and of course: Sauna.

The poster is printed in Finland on high quality FSC certified matte paper. The latest printing technique with its 12-color system guarantee that the luminosity and fullness of the colour scheme are outstanding, and the poster will last for many generations.

Artist Mareike Mosch

Originally Published 2017

Poster Size 50 x 70cm