Hardie Grant

Sew Your Own Scandi Wardrobe - Oda Stormoen


Learn how to sew your own Scandi-style capsule wardrobe full of staple garments made to last.

I have been really looking forward to the arrival of this book into our Nordic Bookstore. Sew Your Own Scandi Wardrobe will show you how to sew classic garments, clothes that fit well, make you feel comfortable and confident and reflect who you are. Featuring 18 designs in sizes 4–24 and PDF patterns, 

The core designs can be combined to form a multitude of outfits, that can be worn for everyday life as well as special occasions. Take the patterns further with suggestions on adjustments and variations that enable you to create and design garments that suit your unique style.

Packed with stunning fashion photography, Sew Your Own Scandi Wardrobe will inspire and offer you techniques and tips for easy ways to get started and succeed with sewing, both as a beginner and advanced sewer.


224 Pages

Published July 2023