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Sauna is an enchanting, strongly visual journey to the ambience of Finnish saunas. The rich photography by Viola Minerva Virtamo and stories by Liisa Talvitie and Heli Thorén unite into a holistic description of the essence of the Finnish sauna. The book was published by Cozy Publishing from Finland.

The Sauna Book whisks its readers to the gentle heat of a smoke sauna, a still lake at midnight, a pond amid fells, and other magical moments surrounded by Finnish nature. How to share and describe the experience of having a sauna to someone? Convey that soft, safe feeling in the chest when strolling towards the sauna, or the sense of peace when cooling off afterwards, a tiny, water-wrinkled hand in yours? We did it with stunning images and stirring stories on the Finnish soul landscape and sauna culture. This is a story book about Finnish saunas. Welcome along to the gently caressing heat.

Writer Liisa Talvitie, Heli Thorén

Photographer Viola Minerva Virtamo

207 pages

25 x 17.5 x 2 cm