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Piknik People - A Guidebook to Local Adventures


Piknik People turns the mundane into a fun adventure and opens the eyes to the hidden possibilities in everyday surroundings. With the instructions in the book, outdoor spaces transform into one-of-a-kind havens. A regular afternoon is all you need for a little escapade in the miniature universe of your own backyard. Suddenly the setting of your daily life expands and gets a whole new meaning – why not for instance put up a quick-and-easy remote working spot in the middle of your favourite scenery!

Piknik People is a guide to picnics, treks and exciting mini adventures.

The sumptuous imagery in the book invites to get creative with outdoor adventures in any season, from gathering under cherry trees with friends to adding the finishing touches to a festive look with a bespoke mask and skiing in the fells a sketch book in tow.

Piknik People offers ideas, instructions and tips for miniature trips and creating personal spaces in the most surprising places. The clearly illustrated DIY instructions are suitable for all levels.

Mari Savio is a designer, writer and design learning specialist, who established her own clothing brand already as a student. She has previously published craft books in Finnish. Joonas Luotonen is an advertising and graphic design professional, who takes his sketch book and pencil case of felt-tip pens wherever he goes. While living in New York, he did urban treks with his son in the city’s parks, dock areas and streets – and launched his Central Park Skiers bag collection.

Concept: Mari Savio & Joonas Luotonen
Texts: Mari Savio
Layout design & Illustrations: Joonas Luotonen
Photography: Jaakko Savio
Assistant: Anna Kokki
Editing: Rebecca Watson
Post-processing: Viola Virtamo
Translation: Rebecca Watson

Language: English