Öjbro Vantfabrik

Öjbro Vantfabrik Fästfolk Emelia & Einar Fästfolk Merino Wool Sock


Öjbro Vantfabrik is a Swedish design company with a passion for passing on Nordic knitting traditions. Swedish design with a storytelling soul rooted in their cultural heritage - and every pattern has a story. We love that!!

The Merino Wool sock is a thinner sock, suitable for everyday wear. They are super soft and very comfortable to wear with both heel and toe reinforcement.

Made from 80% merino wool, all of the wool sourced is mulesing free merino wool.
Merino wool is extremely soft and it warms even if it gets wet, and due to the antibacterial nature of the wool, you do not need to wash the socks as often, the best washing advice is to air the socks overnight and then use them again.

The Story Behind The Fästfolk Design ..

An engagement is a confession that a relationship is heading towards marriage or a registered partnership. When the couple has engaged, the couple often begins being called fiancés. These couples were often called “Fästfolk” in Sweden. Getting engaged is something we humans have been doing for a long time.

In this pattern, the designer wanted to honor the ambiguity and capture the wonderful feeling of being two.
"When you love, give everything you have. And when you reach the limit, give even more, and forget how hurt it is.
In the end, only the love you have given and received is counted.
Your partner has chosen to share his life with you, you give your days to each other.
I dedicate this pattern to all current and future couples.
Long live the ambiguity."

Öjbro Merino socks are made from:

80% Merinowool 15% Polyamid 5% Lycra