Öjbro Vantfabrik

Öjbro Vantfabrik Ekshärad Natt Blanket


We absolutely love all of the gorgeous Wool socks from our Swedish friends, Öjbro, so you can imagine our excitement when we found out that they also weave the most divine wool blankets in the same designs!

Åse Öjbro, the pattern designer, discusses the Ekshärad pattern here

"With the Ekshärad pattern, I want to capture the spirit found in these life-affecting crosses in Ekshärad (a town in Värmland Sweden), that contains so much Swedish culture history and craftsmanship.The Iron Cross is called Life Tree, it is an ancient Christian symbol that reminds us that even though people die, life never ends.
The life trees make Ekshärad an international attraction that is found on stamps and encyclopedias.There are over 500 iron crosses in the cemetery in Ekshärad. Iron crosses are still being manufactured in the Stjärnfors forge. A craft that has been inherited in generations.A large part of Ekshärad's identity is in these iron crosses."

Made of 100% Merinowool

130 x 220cm