Marimekko 2024 Pitkospuut 100% Cotton Fabric


We spotted this incredible fabric hanging on the wall in the Marimekko showroom and instantly fell in love with it! Please note the colours are sand and navy.

Pattern Designer, Jenni Tuominen's favourite pastime is being outside. One of her best spots is Sikosaari, an island in her hometown of Porvoo where duckboards lead you to a bird-watching tower to admire nature. Inspired by the skillful woodwork she sees around her, Jenni composed the Pitkospuut (duckboards) pattern using paper cutouts.

Important Information about how to order fabric

  • Please note the price listed is per 50cm length of fabric.
  • $37.50 / 50cm = $75/m
  • Increase the quantity to order the length of fabric required and we will cut it as 1 piece
  • Eg Qty 5 = 5 x 50cm = 250cm , 2.5m

Please choose carefully and contact us directly with any questions as cut fabric cannot be refunded.

Pattern Designer Jenni Tuominen

Design Year 2023

Made in Finland

100% Cotton 

Pattern Repeat 125cm

Fabric Width 145cm