Marimekko 100% Linen Fabric - Melooni


Inspired by a customer looking for a fabric to stretch onto a frame, I am so happy that we have added this fabric to our collection!

This unbleached linen fabric features the Melooni pattern, which is printed in Helsinki. A striking and classic Marimekko design by Maija Isola.

A large, laid-back pattern of stylized natural forms, Melooni (melon) is one of the many designs in Maija Isola’s output of the 1960s that superbly captured the spirit of the times.

Please note this fabric is sold by the metre so that we do not cut across the actual pattern. Fabric will be cut as one length.

100% Linen

Made in Finland

Pattern Designer Maija Isola

Design Year 1963

Pattern Repeat 98cm