Mamamemo Skipping Rope


Mamamemo is a Danish company, passionate about developmental fun, colourful toys, the purpose of which is to delight and benefit all children.

Danish designed, MAMAMEMO toys are high quality toys for both girls and boys between the ages of 2 and 8

Do you remember the joy of jumping rope?

Who can jump with crossed arms or with a double swing?

Jumping rope is fun and fantastic for both play and training, and you can use the rope alone or together with others.

-Count the number of jumps you can complete.

-Jump with crossed arms or legs.

-Jump a double swing

-Jump at the same time as swinging backwards.

-Run while you jump rope.

-Two people try to jump over the same jump rope.

-Invent your own tricks and practice them.

The possibilities are almost endless – and guaranteed you will get your pulse racing.

Mamamemo wooden toys are specifically made to provide entertainment and improve learning.

Meets European regulations for toy safety and are CE marked.


Available in 2 colours