Lapuan Kankurit

Lapuan Kankurit - Metsälampi (Forest Pond)Tablecloth / Blanket 145 x 200cm


Since visiting the Lapuan mill last July I just cant get enough of these beautiful textiles. I witnessed first hand all of the love & care that goes into every single piece, which is what makes these textiles so very special.

Metsälampi, created by Japanese designer Akira Minagawa, represents the Finnish landscape with its bountiful forests, mountains & bodies of water. Created from 100% linen yarn and woven on the jacquard looms in Lapua this beautiful finished fabric can be used as a tablecloth, throw or a picnic blanket.

Washed linen doesn't need to be ironed, some wrinkles are allowed, and even wanted to get the right relaxed look on it.

Made in Finland

145 x 200cm

100% Linen