Iris Hantverk

Iris Hantverk Soap Saver Bag


We are on a mission at Pappa Sven to reduce all unnecessary plastic & select products that are not harmful to our environment. Which is why you will no longer see pump soaps in our collection and a shift back to beautiful bars of soap.

BUT we also know they can be tricky to store, especially when you get to the very end of your bar ... which is why the Iris Hantverk Soap Saver is so fabulous!

The Sisal Soap Bags are made of natural fibre that’s sturdy enough to exfoliate but yet soft enough for everyday use. The pouch facilitates a rich lather to help cleanse your skin while it helps you use up every last scrap of soap. Hang to dry, this will help make the soap last.

Weight 15 gram
Length 13 cm
Width 9 cm