ester & erik

ester & erik Calendar Pillar Candle - Forest Green


We love the Nordic tradition of counting down to Christmas by lighting a candle each evening and taking a moment to be grateful for that moment in time. This year, more than ever, I personally will be stopping to be grateful for my freedom & peace in my community.

This year we have added the gorgeous hand made candles from ester & erik into our christmas candle collection.

The candle is made of 100% pure fragrance-free paraffin wax from Europe’s leading producer. The candle is produced in Denmark, and the wick is made of 100% cotton.

To ensure that the candle burns in the best possible way, we recommend keeping the wick short, placing candles min. 10 cm apart, and avoiding placing candles in draughts or above a radiator.

Burn Time 99 Hours

Diameter 6cm

Height 25cm
Made in Denmark