Marimekko 100% Linen Fabric - Auringonkukka (Sunflower) Collection


Can you imagine a happier, brighter, more beautiful fabric? We just want to wrap the whole world in this fabric. The perfect tablecloth, amazing curtains or some super cute clothing...whatever will we make first?

100% Linen fabric, printed in Helsinki.

In the late 1950s, Maija Isola designed a wide series of Marimekko prints with motifs that expressed her deep love of nature. Among those prints was the joyous Auringonkukka (sunflower) pattern.

Made in Finland

Pattern Designer Maija Isola

Design Year 1959

100% Linen

Fabric Width 145cm

Pattern Repeat 88cm

Please note the price listed is per half metre of fabric. Please increase the quantity to order the total length required and we will cut the fabric as one piece.Eg qty 5 = 2.5m

Please choose carefully as cut fabric cannot be returned.