Iris Hantverk

Iris Hantverk - Bath Brush Lovisa - Oak, Horse Hair & Tampico Fibre

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Bath brush in oak, horse hair and tampico fibre for a little extra scrubbing power. Horse hair is an excellent material in bathing brushes because it is soft and pliable while it is sturdy and durable and has a certain elasticity. Along with a good soap it gives a soft and comfortable lather for a perfect cleaning.  Allow the brush to dry hanging or standing on the horsehair so that the water is transported away from the wood that is more sensitive to moisture.

Weight 123 g

Length 17 cm

Width 7 cm

Height 4 cm

If you're looking for a beautiful and unique gift we can package this together with some of our gorgeous L:A Bruket Spa Products and a Marimekko Hand Towel? Contact us directly for more gift suggestions.

Iris Hantverk handmade brushes are designed to bring joy and to use for a long time to come. With a little simple care, they will age beautifully. Clean the brushes with washing-up liquid and warm water. Let them dry bristles down, and from time to time oil the wood. We recommend a food grade oil or boiled cold pressed linseed oil