Celebrate International Women's Day with Pappa Sven


Armi Ratia, the founder of Marimekko, was a dynamic, inspirational and visionary woman and someone who has had great influence over our business, PappSven. We love her passion, her commitment and her drive and the wonderful stories behind the Marimekko 'way of life' which she created.

We thought it would be wonderful to celebrate International Women's Day together here in Newcastle with a special screening of Armi Alive,  a story of a woman who was afraid of nothing but herself, and who was there to create a new way of experiencing the world.

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Armi Alive! is a portrayal of a theatre company that is preparing a play about Armi Ratia. Maria, who plays Armi’s role, is in the lead when the group keeps asking who this strange woman really is. The play focuses in Armi’s life between the years 1949 and 1968, when she founds the fashion company Marimekko, leads it to an international success, and is finally forced to ponder her relationship with the company: does Marimekko need Armi, or does Armi need Marimekko? During the rehearsal process, the actress Maria struggles with Armi’s contradictions and tries to find the truth and the person behind the legend.

Director Jörn Donner / Running time 84 minutes

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When: Monday March 11th at 6.30pm

Where: Event Cinema, Kotara (Newcastle)

All profits from the night will be donated to Ovarian Cancer Research.