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Wilderness Knits by Linka Newmann


Outdoor life has always been a big part of knitting designer, Linka Neuman's, life and she is dedicated to knit sweaters that not only look great, but also withstand rough weather. Wilderness Knits has designs for 23 jumpers inspired by the beautiful natural landscapes of Norway – photographed in this stunning book – to be worn for any adventure!

Combining her love for the outdoors and knitting, Linka Neumann presents patterns for Nordic-style jumpers, cardigans and a headband that will keep you warm and dry, no matter how rough the weather is. 

Drawing on traditional Norwegian knitting methods, these designs for thick, woolly knits are not only comfortable and cosy, but also represent an authenticity and style that has stood the test of time. Linka takes inspiration from nature and wildlife for her fresh yet timeless designs. From the Norwegian forests, snow-covered landscapes and fjords to reindeer, wolves and her beloved Husky dogs.

Many of the designs come with variations to suit all tastes, whether you prefer a jumper or a cardigan, a thick or thin garment, sewn-on arms or round yokes. The patterns include instructions for a range of sizes and for both female and male body shapes. There is also a pattern for making Linka’s signature Wilderness Sweater in children’s size.

The projects are showcased in a stunning Norwegian landscape that will make you yearn for the outdoors. And no matter how long or short your adventure, you will be cosy in your bespoke, home-knitted jumper. These knits chime with an eco-conscious, anti-fast fashion sentiment and will literally last you a lifetime of adventuring!

144 Pages