The Swedish Art of Ageing Well


From the bestselling author of The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning, here is a charming and humorous book about embracing life at any age.

In her first book, Margareta Magnusson shared with the world the practical Swedish tradition of döstädning, or ‘death cleaning’ — clearing out unnecessary belongings so others don’t have to do it for you. Now, unburdened by baggage (emotional and actual), she is able to focus on what makes each day worth living, and reveals her discoveries about growing older — some difficult to accept, and many rather wondrous. She reflects on her idyllic childhood on the west coast of Sweden, the fullness of her life with her husband and their five children, and learning how to live alone. Throughout, she offers advice on how to age gracefully, such as: don’t be afraid to wear stripes, don’t resist new technology, and let go of what doesn’t matter.

As with death cleaning, it’s never too early to begin. The Swedish Art of Ageing Well shows us how to prepare for and understand the ageing process, and the joys and sorrows it can bring. While Margareta still recommends downsizing and decluttering (your loved ones will thank you!), her ultimate message is that we should not live in fear of death, but rather focus on appreciating beauty, connecting with our loved ones, and enjoying our time together.

Wise, funny, and practical, The Swedish Art of Ageing Well is a gentle and welcome reminder that, no matter your age, there are always fresh discoveries ahead, and pleasures both new and familiar to be enjoyed every day.


Published January 2023

160 Pages