Hardie Grant

Book - Who Will Comfort Toffle - Tove Jansson


Who Will Comfort Toffle? A tale of Moomin Valley sees Toffle driven from his home by the frightening noises of the forest. Too shy, at first, to approach the many colourful Moomin characters he passes along the way, he gains confidence by discovering a scared and lonely Miffle who needs his help. Toffle's quest to save Miffle from the dreadful Groke is an inspiring tale that every child (and many adults) are sure to identify with.

This is such a beautiful hardback picture book with the most gorgeous story and illustrations by Tove Jansson. A rhyming story which children of any ages will enjoy. 

I love the ending paragraph

”So off they sail, two special guests on Fillyonk’s red boat. The whompses wave and cheer to see the happy pair afloat, and Miffle knows and Toffle knows, that both have seen the end, of fear and fright and long, dark night, now each has found a friend”


26 pages

21 x 28cm