Kolo Sauna

The KOLO Sauna Bucket & Ladle - White


We are obsessed with the Finnish sauna culture at Pappa Sven and we are trying our best to share this 'northern form of meditation' with our Australian friends.

You can't possibly have a sauna without a sauna bucket and ladle to cover yourself with cold refreshing water and to add water to the fire to create löyly.

These beautiful & functional buckets are designed by Brita Flander

KOLO Bucket+Ladle are inseparable and that is why they come in the same package. The ladle functions as the bucket's handle, and without the bucket the ladle would have nowhere to rest. They are not designed to make your sauna experience unforgettable, nor do they glow in the dark or have a special scent. What we do guarantee, however, is that the bucket won't leak and the ladle will bear the weight.

Bucket Height 20cm Diameter 24cm Volume 5L

Ladle Length 41cm

Material Bucket Aluminium Ladle Aluminium / Bamboo