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The Danish way of Raising Teens - Iben Dissing Sandahl


We have ALOT of conversation in our store, about ALOT of topics, but certainly one of the most frequently discussed topics is parenting our beautiful teenagers. As someone who has now parented a teenager for 8 years (2 more years to go) , I wish that I had reached out more for support early on is a tough gig that is for sure!

So , you can imagine my sheer joy when I came across this fabulous new book!

If you read the bestselling The Danish Way of Parenting, you will have already discovered the secret to the happiest children in the world. Here, co-author and psychotherapist Iben Dissing Sandahl will bring to life the Danish upbringing values that form the basis of raising the happiest, healthiest and most well-adjusted teenagers in the world.

From finding uniqueness and freedom to efterskoles, in The Danish Way of Raising Teens, you will discover the ten core principles Danes use to raise their teens, to describe this exciting phase from child to adult.

Reassuring and gentle, this book will help you support your child in this formative time, which is often shrouded in worry, to show a way forward that is packed with hope, positivity and enjoyment.