Wildlife Garden

Swedish Summercabin Bird House


Multiholk is a bird feeder and nesting box combined in a form inspired by traditional Swedish cottages and architecture. Designed in conjunction with ornithological experts the result is a handcrafted product constructed from solid wood and finished with environmentally friendly paints.

Feeding slots in the bottom of the house allow small birds to easily access food while keeping seed protected from the elements, droppings and large birds.

During breeding season the Multiholk can be converted into a nesting box.

Product Details

Dimensions: 184 x 194 x 247mm
Weight: 1kg
Material: Solid Wood
Capacity: 2 litres of feed
Accessories: Wall bracket and screws, wooden perches

Images courtesy Wildlife Garden

About Wildlife Garden

"Swedish Design for a Living World"

Inspired by their beautiful surroundings at the Bjäre peninsula in the South of Sweden with small red cottages, meadows, fields and a large biological diversity. It started as a general interest in nature and birds, but grew and became Wildlife Garden.

Wildlife Garden aims to, through its retailers, provide products that will bring out a living garden. Their business concept is to sell decorative and purposefully designed products such as bird tables and nesting boxes. Wildlife Garden's design and development shall focus on that which is genuinely Swedish, namely high quality and professional handicrafts.