Skandinavisk - Jul (Christmas) Scented Candle


JUL is the scent of Christmas in Scandinavia.

Think: glowing windows in the darkness, generations gathered in harmony and tradition, and Christmas treats tempting on the hearth. A traditional Christmas in Scandinavia is baked in nostalgia, hygge and warmth, a harkening back to the ancient pagan winter traditions when a festival of light was celebrated in midwinter to join families and friends together and provide something to enjoy collectively in the darkest, coldest point in the year.

Gather with us around this cosy, festive scent, which features as a 90g Single Wick Candle, a 2 wick scented candle and a 3 wick scented vase candle , all with luxury hard box gift packaging, dedicated to those who bring the magic to Christmas, bringing people together, filling the air with the scent of cinnamon, and inspiring a shared experience of love, laughter and light in the depths of the darkest month.

90g Scented Candle - 20 hours burn time

2 Wick 400g (50 hours Burn Time)

3 Wick Scented Vase Candle 475g (40 hours burn time)