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The gaze drifts towards the shimmering sea below, pierces through a narrow passageway to glimpse a sailing boat slowly passing by, then catches sight of a sauna on the shore. Right on the water’s edge, a spa pool blends seamlessly into its surroundings, inviting to step into its refreshing embrace. In the gentle caress of the archipelago, the natural landscape and forces of water resonate deep inside.

Oudoor Chic flings open the gates to hidden havens, courtyards designed with ultimate comfort in mind and spectacular views. It embarks on a voyage from unspoiled, Arctic landscapes to southern Finnish patchworks of fields, idyllic Swedish small towns and the rooftops of Nueva Andalucia. Readers are whisked to vistas where the night sky flickers in shades of green and the heady scent of jasmine lingers in the delicate morning breeze. 

The delightful journey begins under the endless sunshine of Costa del Sol before heading to the summer paradise of Hildegunn and Samuel Taipale in the embrace of Norwegian fjords, the soulscape of Samu Haber in the Finnish archipelago and the endless ski tracks on Lapland’s fells before returning to a luxury villa along Marbella’s Golden Mile. 

Texts & Layout Design: Marja Wickman
Editing: Elina Lähteenmäki
Photography: Viola Minerva Virtamo
Additional images: Agata Jensen (p.38-39, 44)
Translation: Rebecca Watson

Language: English 


170 x 241mm

144 Pages