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Nordic Homestead


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Nordic Homestead – Riina Ahtola & Kati Pilli-Sihvola

Texts: Riina Ahtola

Photography: Kati Pilli-Sihvola

Surrounded by apple blossom, gravel crunches under the foot as we reach the entrance of an old country house. The lichen-covered stone steps beckon to climb up and enter through the red double doors flung open wide. Nordic Homestead whisks readers to a place where a piece of earth is a slice of heaven. All of the ten families featured in the book have moved to the countryside, where there’s plenty of room to breathe. They all share a desire to be surrounded by nature and see the world afresh – leaving the humdrum behind, devoting more time to the family, and embracing the peace and quiet. The book will take you on a journey to homes in the Finnish countryside, where deserted log houses, old farms, manor houses and former village schools with creaking floorboards, cosy fireplace

Made in Finland