Marimekko 2023 Tromppi Unikko Cotton Jersey Dress


We just love the feeling when you put on your favourite Marimekko maxi dress and know that you are going to be able to move freely in it the whole day! Fabulous for work, travelling or a special event, you will love the feeling that this dress gives you!

The Tromppi cotton jersey dress has a relaxed, A-line fit and it is printed in the Unikko pattern. The dress has a ribbed O-neck, and long, loose sleeves.

Marimekko dresses are sewn using the whole width of the fabric, and therefore their appearance may vary. Each item is unique.

Unikko (poppy), symbolizing creativity, was born in a time when hardly any floral designs were included in Marimekko’s collections. Maija Isola, however, was fascinated by the theme of flowers and decided to create an entire range of novel floral prints.

Relaxed Fit

120cm Length

100% Cotton Jersey Knit

Pattern Designer Maija Isola

Design Year 1964