Marimekko 2021 Collection - Unikko 4dL Mug


Just stay calm everyone. Stay very, very calm. Ahhhhh no, it is just too exciting. This is the beginning of Marimekko's 2021 collection, probably the best collection we have seen so far! But especially exciting is the new unikko collection in black and white , which we just know everyone is going to go crazy for!

This super sized mug is the perfect gift for anyone that loves an extra large coffee or a big cup of tea to get the day started!

All Marimekko tableware is Oven, Dishwasher, Microwave and Freezer safe, which makes it even more joyous!

Marimekko’s famous poppy pattern Unikko was born in 1964 in a time when the design house’s collections featured mostly abstract prints. Designer Maija Isola wanted to create something interesting from this organic theme and designed an entire range of floral prints. Today, the iconic flower represents creativity.

Pattern Designer Maija Isola

Design Year 1964

Diameter 9.5cm

Height 10cm

Volume 4dL