LULU Copenhagen

LULU Copenhagen - Sugar Cane Earring


Note that this earring is sold separately and not as a pair.

If you don't know LULU, they are a fun-loving Danish design brand, which we have also fallen in love with.

Some like to wear a cute statement during the cozy Christmas time - a Rudolph sweater, a brooch etc.

Sugar Cane is our tribute to this magical time of year that we love so much. Sugar Cane is elegant yet quirky due to its figurative design and high polished surface. Sugar Cane will add extra sweetness to your favorite holiday.

You can wear Sugar Cane Christmas after Christmas.

Height: 8 mm

Surface: Shiny

Material: Gold plated brass 18K, e-coating, enamel

Jewellery from LULU Copenhagen is always nickel-free.

Please notice, that the enamel colors are mixed by hand, which can create a slight variation in the individual production. At the same time, the screen resolution and colour settings on a digital device can cause the colours in the pictures to appear different from the actual colours used.