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Livi and Nate by Kalle Hakkola & Mari Ahokoivu


A beautiful Finnish children's book that will be loved by the reader and the listener!

Livi and Nate are a sister and brother who live with their mom and grandpa in a house deep in the snowy hills. Every night after dinner, they have a bath, followed by story time, and then bed. But tonight, Livi can’t sleep—her vivid imagination takes over, turning little moments from everyday life into fantastical adventures. This book tells the story of one eventful night inside her imagined adventures: a giant snow bear comes to visit, Mom becomes a superheroine, and Livi grows wings and plays with butterflies.

Cartoon-style illustrations in warm colors bring the brightness of Livi’s fantastic dreams to life in this entry point to graphic novels. Speech bubbles, sequential art, and bold, energetic sound effects are paired with sweet and true depictions of a loving family life.

This book celebrates a strong sibling relationship and is a charming tribute to the joys of imagination and dreaming.

Suitable for ages 6 - 9 years


Author Kalle Hakkola is a Finnish author and librarian who worked for many years at the City Library of Helsinki.

MARI AHOKOIVU is a Finnish illustrator and a comics artist. She mainly draws graphic novels and comics for children. She loves everything cute and scary, and lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.