Jane Foster Design

Jane Foster - Lennon Wooden Brooch


Pappa Sven has always been very true to its original purpose of importing 'authentic Nordic designed' products to Australia. This is the first time that I have broken my own rule and it is for slightly selfish reasons.

I have followed and loved Jane Foster Designs ever since I started Pappa Sven in 2014 and would just love to see her beautiful products in our store. Designed and made in the UK, while they're not authentic Nordic designs, they are sooooooo cute and beautiful and we just love them!

This is the design that I love the most. Gorgeous Lennon in her stripey T Shirt, she is just so simple and cute! 

Monochrome Lennon brooch created by Jane Foster. The brooch has been made from maple veneer with a matte finish. The reverse has a rectangular brooch pin.

The brooches measure 6cm in height.Your brooch will be sent in a white gift box with Jane Foster logo embossed on the top.