iittala Aalto Vase - 16cm


Alvar Aalto’s Savoy vase is one of the most famous vases in history. Designed in 1936 for a competition at the Paris World’s Fair, Finnish architect and furniture designer Alvar Aalto anonymously entered and won the competition for his vase under the pseudonym “Eskimo woman's leather breeches.”

Aalto, Finnish for “wave,” created a glass vase with wavy lines and whimsical freeform design that continues to win awards, has residency in famous museums, and is sought-after worldwide.

Every Aalto vase is still crafted by its original mouth-blown process by Finland’s most skilled glassblowers at iittala. 

I was lucky enough to visit the iittala factory and personally watch the Aalto vase being made. It is an amazing process and every vase is truly made with love and craftsmanship!

Made of lead-free crystal glass and carries "ALVAR AALTO" on bottom for authenticity.

Gift boxed, this is a truly beautiful gift.