Gösta Knutsson

Further Adventures of Pelle No Tail - Gösta Knutsson


Meet Pelle No-Tail – Sweden’s favourite cat!

Further Adventures of Pelle No-Tail is the second book in this much loved series.

All aboard!

Pelle might have no tail, but he never lets that get in the way of an adventure.

While on holiday with his family, he plays ‘ship’s cat’ on an exciting outing to a desert island.

But as darkness falls, he wonders . . . will he ever make it back home?

Join Sweden’s favourite cat as he explores, makes new friends and gets into all sots of trouble.

Parents and children alike will adore these charming, classic books, now translated into English for the very first time.

Reading Age 6 - 9

160 pages

About the Author

Gösta Knutsson (1908–1973) was a Swedish children’s author and radio producer. The first Pelle book was published in 1939, followed by many more books, comics, films, plays, music and television programs. Pelle No-Tail is beloved in Sweden and around the world, with translations appearing in Polish, Finnish, Danish, German, Dutch, Norwegian and Portuguese.