Floryd of Sweden - Lingonberry Serving Tray


Handmade trays from fine beech wood. Perfect for serving fika with friends!

The melamine based surface is sustainable heat, alcohol and UV. Dishwasher safe (but for longer durability hand washing is recommended).

On the trays backside you can find the story about the motif. Lingonberry Lingonberry (Vaccinium vitis-idaea) is very popular in Sweden and grows primarily in coniferous forest. The fruit is a red berry 6–10 mm across, ripening in late summer to autumn. The berries are sour, slightly sweet and bitter, so they are often cooked and sweetened before eating in the form of lingonberry jam, compote, juice or syrup. The raw fruit are also frequently simply mashed with sugar, which preserves most of their nutrients and taste. In Sweden, elk steak and meatballs is traditionally served with gravy and lingonberry jam. 

27 x 20cm