Fjällräven Abisko Hiking Pack 35L


You might have noticed we have a few peculiar obsessions at Pappa Sven, and one of them is hiking gear ...especially super functional packs. We love the outdoors & any chance to pack a backpack and get out of town makes us happy!

We chose this bag for 3 reasons.

1. The name ...The mountain village of Abisko is located at the foot of Mt. Nuolja in Swedish Lappland. Home to many classic hiking trails, it is right at the verrrrry top of our dream holiday destinations

2. It is a lightweight pack, perfect for day trips & cabin to cabin hikes.

3. We love the colour ...and that is important, right?

Made from durable G-1000 Eco and G-1000 HeavyDuty Eco in recycled polyester and organic cotton. Comfortable to carry with lightly padded shoulder straps, hip belt and a lightweight frame that keeps weight down. Its slim profile and fit make it perfect for fast daytrips, while also being spacious and stable enough to carry the gear you need for a couple nights away. Practical for travelling as well; when it is empty it can be folded almost flat and packed into a larger bag.

The main compartment is top-loading and an extra zipper on the right side gives quick access to contents. There is a security pocket inside the main compartment. The top flap can be raised – for example to hold a sleeping mat in place – and has two pockets. Zippered front pocket and an expandable side pocket with strap adjustments that lets you stow a drinking bottle close to hand. In addition, there are attachments for trekking poles, with a loop and a clip in the compression straps on the left-hand side, and loops on the hipbelt for fastening a camera bag within easy reach. The backpack is also hydration system compatible (not included). The fabric is waxed and resists moisture and a rain cover is included for persistent rain.

  • Width 28 cm
  • Height 61 cm
  • Depth 26 cm
  • Volume 35 l
  • Weight1 400 g
  • Material G-1000® Eco: 65% polyester, 35% cotton