Finding the Way to Faraway Valley - Cecilia Heikkila


Grandpa and Little Bear share a dream to visit Faraway Valley -- a special, hard-to-find place full of wild and wonderful creatures, a place where the air smells of pine needles, a place they've only seen on a postcard. The determined pair study maps, read books and practice camping to prepare for their adventure, then set sail for the long journey. But when they arrive in the north, they find a bustling port full of shops, where everyone seems to have forgotten about Faraway Valley. Does the beautiful place of their dreams still exist, and can they find it?
A magical, heart-warming tale of wonder and adventure, this moving picture book gently explores themes of celebrating nature and respecting wild landscapes. Cecilia Heikkilas stunning artwork is full of texture, colour and character.
About the Author
Cecilia Heikkila is a Swedish graphic designer, author and illustrator. She is the creator of several acclaimed picture books, many featuring themes of nature and animals, including Badgers Journey and A Christmas Sweater for Nina. She lives in Dalarna, Sweden with her dog, Mochi.