Pappa Sven

Fazer Salmiakki Mix (Salty Liquorice Candy) 180g


Fazer is a proudly owned Finnish company which began in Helsinki in 1891, by Karl Fazer. Industrial scale manufacturing of confectionary commenced in 1897 and the production of liquorice began in the 1930’s. Salmiakki is still produced in Helsinki to this day.

Salty liquorice is a true Finnish classic, and we don’t pretend to understand it at all! We have to confess, it is definitely not to our taste, but the Nordics run in when they see this in the shop 😊Genuine Finnish salty liquorice at its best. This bag is a combination of all the classics: Strong Vahva Ruutusalmiakki, soft Pehmeä Ruutusalmiakki and Super Salmiakki.



Sugar, modified starches, glucose syrup, flavourings, licorice, thickener (E414), stabilisers (E420, E422), salt, glazing agents (E901, E903) , colour (E153)