Come to Finland

Come to Finland - Anna Sailamaa Large Postcard


An extra large postcard which is perfect for gifting or pop it into a frame on your wall!

Artists Description

Anna has used the colours of Helsinki’s coat of arms; blue, yellow (gold), white (silver) and ruby red. Blue + yellow was used to colour the birch leaf, red + yellow was used for the chanterelle and blue + red for the blueberries.

In Helsinki, the forest is always close by. Uutela, Viikki and the Central Park (Keskuspuisto) are easily reached in less than an hour. In the summer you can go for a swim and in the autumn you can pick mushrooms and bilberries (European blueberries).

Anna wanted the coffee to be really black, which is why sheused all colours. Helsinki has a number of quality coffee roasters and lots of wonderfully nice cafes and good coffee. All cafes usually provide delicious cinnamon buns and in the early part of the year also shrove buns.

Artist Anna Sailamaa

Postcard 12 x 18cm

Printed in Finland