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Skogluft Forest Air - Jørn Viumdal


We love our lovely Norwegian, Helene, so any chance to find something else Norwegian to have in the store is always a bonus!

What is Skogluft? The simple, easy to understand Norwegian method for bringing nature into your home and office to help your health and mood.

Jørn Viumdal shows you how easy it is to create the Forest Air effect both at home and at work. The book also gives you a straightforward and fascinating insight into the ground-breaking research by NASA and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences on which the method is based.

Skogluft teaches you how to transform any wall in a home or office into a living wall to help remove toxins from the air, reduce stress, and strengthen the immune system. Viumdal explains which plants improve overall health and release different gases for optimal well-being. All the vegetation can be found in local nurseries or stores and online.

Following Viumdal’s method, you will feel better, have more energy, and lift your spirits as you add natural beauty into your world.

228 Pages

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