Arabia - Limited Edition - Moominhouse 1L Pitcher


If you are a Moomin fan then you have probably seen this fabulous Moominhouse pitcher many times online and never been able to find it anywhere in Australia! Well hooray, it is finally here at Pappa Sven!

We are so excited to have collected these Moomin by Arabia Limited edition pieces exclusively to Pappa Sven! You are going to love seeing these new designs, not available anywhere else in Australia!

Moominhouse is Moominpappa’s source of pride. After all, he built it with his own hands. Guests are always welcome in the house, which is never locked, not even at night. The shape of a round tile stove, Moominhouse permanently houses Moominpappa, Moominmamma, and Moomintroll.

The Moominhouse jug includes a ceramic lid to protect, for example, juice from insects or the sun. A functional piece which you will also admire on the shelf when not in use!

Volume 1000mL