Arabia - Limited Edition - Children's Set Moomintroll


The perfect gift for your favourite small person who you would love to introduce to the wonderful world of Moomin! This gift boxed set, by Arabia, includes a breakfast plate and small mug, perfectly sized for little hands.

We are so excited to have collected these Moomin by Arabia Limited edition pieces exclusively to Pappa Sven! You are going to love seeing these new designs, not available anywhere else in Australia!

Playful illustrations encourage eating when each spoonful of food reveals a new exciting piece of the picture. The Moomintroll plate features treasures from the attic. Moomintroll finds Moominpappa’s old memories through things in the attic and is fascinated by his father’s adventures.

The practical shape of the plate help children to eat on their own: high edges help them use spoons or forks, and they can feel the delight of success. The mug is perfect for small hands thanks to its undersized handle.