Aarikka Sauna Elf Bucket & Ladle


There is nothing more Finnish than a sauna, that is for sure! And because of that we just love collecting as many sauna things in the store as possible ...even though we don't have a sauna :)

The Bucket sauna elf is made of wooden beads. It wears a cap made of linen and holds a bucket in its hands. Combine the Bucket elf with its other elf friends!

“Hey, Bucket? Why do you carry that bucket with you everywhere?” the Sauna Girl asked in a contemplative tone. The Bucket elf stopped and looked at its friend. “You never know when you’ll get a chance to slip into the sauna.” The Sauna Girl looked at Bucket with its head tilted to the side and nodded. The elves continued on their way.

Color: Beige
Material: Maple, linen
Size: Height 11 cm