Aarikka Elf Girl with Jingle 9cm


“Have you seen Tiuku?” Kaisa asked as it barged into the cottage, looking like it really needed to talk to Tiuku (Bell), preferably yesterday. “We’re not glued together, not even our thoughts. But if you’re quiet, you can hear a small bell chiming. You should try it sometimes”, the elf girl Tiuku said with a grin and continued its work on the lathe. “Try what?” Kaisa inquired, flicking away the wooden beads it had picked up from the floor. “Being quiet”, the elf girl said, grinning once again. And it did become quiet, as Kaisa stormed out as fast as it had come in. 

Tiuku elf girl is made of wooden beads. She wears a felt cap with a small bell. The elf girl has pigtails with wooden beads at the end.

Color: Red
Material: Maple, felt, brass, linen
Size: Height 9 cm
Handmade in Finland.