Sägen Sweden

This is a very much loved brand of ours, and we are so excited to introduce Sägen Sweden's beautiful handmade jewellery into our range.

Sägen, or the fairy tale, is the story of abandoned, porcelain treasures and memories. Swedish jewellery designer Elin Sigrén creates a shimmering blend of the past and the future by combining the artistic heritage of recycled porcelain and vintage details with contemporary Scandinavian design.

The past, are the women who lived before Sigrén. Hardworking mothers with their heads in the heavens and their hands searching for food on frozen, stony fields of Gotland Island. They stood strong not to be blown away by the winds, swallowed by they sea, burnt by the sun or condemned by society.The future, is found in the bi-annual release of bold, jewellery collections that embrace individuality. Sigréns craftsmanship is witty and inventive and Sägen jewellery transcends time and passing trends.

Our range from Sägen always sells out very quickly. If you would like to be notified when the next range is due to arrive, or if you would like a special order please contact us via email info@pappasven.com.au

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