Eduards Accessories


Inspired by the patterns and structures that surround us, Swedish architect and designer Cecilia Eduards designs everyday accessories made with care.

Eduards Accessories’ idea is to take the qualities and materiality from architecture, transform them in accessory design and create everyday items to be loved. All items are handmade in Sweden by skilled craftsmen out of vegetable tanned leather.

We love the way that vegetable tanned leather ages with grace. It carries the marks and stains of everyday life, makes every single bag unique and tells a story. 


Eduards Accessories Näver Collection has been awarded the FORM 2018 seal of quality by the German Bundesverband Kunsthandwerk e.V.

Cecilia Eduards was awarded Formvisaren 2018 and 2020 by the Swedish Form Council for the design of the Näver Collection.